The Light House Hill neighborhood of Staten Island during the 50s and 60s was a magical place to grow up. Joan Jensen's unique artistic and imaginative sensibility is rooted in the Green Belt of NYC, with forests, fields, streams and ponds. Where she spent hours playing and exploring nature with her childhood friends.

Across the street from her house was the Tibetan Museum where she saw the young Dalai Lama during one of his early visits to the United States. The curator of the museum loved children and would allow them to freely explore its terraced gardens, koi ponds, and rich collection of Eastern art, including an imposing statue of a dragon, which enriched the landscape of her imagination.

Her father, an avid reader and talented amateur artist, was another important influence in her life. They would stay up late on weekends and watch classic monster movies together. Well into his late nineties, he enjoyed reciting "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe, for his family from memory!

After graduating from Alfred University SUNY with a BFA in Painting and Photography, she also completed an apprenticeship in fine art painting restoration. Joan earned a degree in Textile Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. She worked in the fashion industry for years, and eventually started her own studio, specializing in textile design and service work for corporations. She also established a library of vintage prints, for domestic and international market.

Her love of art and nature has guided her throughout her career. The Adventures of Calvin Marsh is her first book idea. It represents a culmination of lifelong interests and also a new creative chapter in her life.